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The Pilafian Web provides e-mail addresses and web pages for Planet icon Pilafians and our relatives to help keep in contact with each other around the world and to maintain a central place to publish on the Internet.

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If you are a Pilafian and would like to be part of the Pilafian Web, please contact us.  We will, at no cost, setup automatic e-mail forwarding for you and put your personal or commercial web files (.html, .png, .jpg, .pdf, etc.) on the pilafian.com site.

Pilafian Web

Person or Organization E-Mail Name
Web Address (URL)
Alex Pilafian, USA alex twitter.com/sikanrong
Aram Pilafian, Greece aram
Arous Pilafian, Greece arous
Arsen Pilafian, Canada arsen
Audrey Pilafian, USA audrey
Avedis Pilafian, Greece avedis
Christopher Pilafian, USA christopher pilafian.com/dance
Dem T. Pilafian, USA dem pilafian.com/dem
Grace Pilafian, USA grace
Harry Pilafian, USA harry
Marni Pilafian, USA marni
Michael Pilafian, USA michael
Peter Pilafian, USA peter pilafian.com/peter
Samuel Pilafian, USA samuel pilafian.com/tuba
Vassilis Pilafian, Greece vassilis
Center Key centerkey.com
Horizon Pictures hpix.com
Suren www.historicdetroit.org

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